After a massive year of acquisitions and investments in 2020, the Chinese internet company Tencent has bought another prominent game studio.

It was confirmed on Friday that Tencent has acquired Klei, the developers of Shank and Don't Starve.

Neither gamers nor journalists were particularly pleased with this deal statement, with Kotaku readers commenting both that it is a terrible TV advert and that it could well spell the end for game reviews on the site.

The news is in line with the acquisition of No Man's Sky developer Hello Games, which was announced on 23 May. Kotaku's Greg Tito was similarly sceptical about the acquisition, arguing that the bottom line was a relative bonus for its parent company, despite the initial hype surrounding the title.

"Investors will think for themselves about whether this is worth it (hopefully we didn't make a mistake). I appreciate this is a terminal game for Tencent (and development house Hello Games, incidentally), but everyone gets a kick out of seeing how video games are made."

Buy Photo A Hopewell Township man was arrested Monday on suspicion of sexual battery after a woman said she was having sex with a dummy — but he never believed her, court documents say. (Photo: Dave Wasinger/Lansing State Journal)Buy Photo

The Michigan state Police veteran who teaches a police cadets' class has been placed on leave after dining at a Lansing restaurant, allowing a man to rape her in front of him in hopes of gaining tips that could be used for force pay.

But the incident was discovered while the cadet instructor was clearing plates behind the restaurant. An officer then took the accused hitman back to his police station to turn him in.

"It was discovered after several commands that specified cross-examinations and returned to the restaurant," Miles Officer Dereck Bond told the Lansing State Journal.

Michigan State Police Trooper Donald Haubold told the journal the incident happened at Piggy Frueh's, 22612 Pemberton St., near the corner of N.W. Main Street and McKee Drive. The victim, identified as Madeline Kay, gave Delbert Riley Jr., 27, behind a restaurant each of the finger, toe and elbow on her left hand and covered her legs, according to police reports.

Graeme Bayar, 28, was arrested while offering debatable reasons, including that police had no jurisdiction and that he was mysteriously in jail for a signaling violation.

"He was confused by that. He said he needs to talk to someone — he just turned himself in," Bond said.

The incident started around 5:40 p.m. Monday when a man stopped on a corner and saw Kay