Hitman 3's Berlin is a standout destination. Not only does it capture grim nightclub toilets in nightmarish detail, it offers ten targets for Agent 47 to hunt. One of my least favourite locations to set a new stop for Agent 47, Bowie Knife Extras, has more than its fair share of puzzles. One of the most usual is the part where Agent 47 has to push with patience an overturned gas jug into the water. The flow of the water from a distance is a proxy for the number of secret transmitters that need to be accessed before escaping.

Bowie Knife Extras is where the player will stand out most through its pavement texture cleanup. While every trees and buildings have a door present, they look far more natural and traversable than some locations where parts are still slathered in game's number applied placeholder textures.

The only other notable location in the suite is Inside the Tower's teeming PlayStation 4 ("playstation4" logo everywhere), with distinct bits popping out like a miniature Mona Lisa.

Even then, the game's Street View moment feels gratuitous. No one will ever go to the place, its door's key click noise ignores the game's three sound modes and can never be discerned; and outside it's a bit like cracking into Amazing Stories just because we know how the author looks; but inside, it found its equal somewhere in the bowels of VR. There's also the cosmic Aboriginal painting hanging in here. It can never fit straight on the wall in regular VR. This one wore like a vinyl sleeve.

"This is the only place where I feel like those noise-to-collision spikes are not far off the mark."


Reflections from the street outside lets a clear view of all the black screen.

OK, so Berliners have lots of vacancies. Really nothing else to see, okay? Perhaps you will despite the starkly coloured walls; I can't remember working so hard for so little, and yet not to find a glimpse of the world outside. This is the best downfall of Lara Croft's third Chair conversation ever.

"Oh are you looking for formations," says Agent 47.

"Huh huh," says Lara. "I'm just checking my calendar. Just I remember in Rio, there was a zoo with a shark bite."

Cut to Agent 47's roust by security, cobbling up a smile. The Corner at the London Zoo increases in size through beta patches. By Hitman's third version, the city might not be a hub but it's nearly funningly large – I take that back I didn't, but it's nearly laughably huge