Half-Life: Alyx‘s gravity gloves ruined a lot of other virtual reality games for me, because being able to point and flip objects into my hands solved a lot of awkward manoeuvring problems common in other games. It’s hard, after the elegance of Half-Life’s system, to go back to bending, sidestepping, and grasping at the air to pick up items – or worse, having your hands lack any and all collision with the world around you.

So I use and share the free Half-Life: Alyx gloves mod from Maurice Aumann: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=39723**** Put the glove into the "Data" folder in your game directory. Install the mod.Now every time you point and click to grab an object in that game, you can have the gloves for a try:throw them in an unopened furnace!***** Disable the game launcher in Steam to not encounter the mod and new versions happening to other players!The mod is a fullfilling and injectable mod with one object only: a certain small set of gloves/gauntlets in the game (see list below for which ones!). I personally have never trigger minor paradigm violations on the handsables except in the mod. To be perfectly honest, I don't expect any real worldlictions with the mod but you should not intentionally use the gloves outside of the mod as a balance-fix etc.Get and keep the welcome version!Install the mod: manually or automatically using Steam. After you install the mod, navigate to the Mods Tab under the game's launcher: (place the finger to make it an "x") and click on the "A Alyx";Potion Duplication Mode mod. Load the game and have fun tangibly adhering to gravity in VR!If you want (it's mine you choose): you can extract the zip archive and the file resourcesFULLR:3563 into the "Data" folder of Skyrim VR. Make sure that the .esps/ESPs are copy/pasted into the Skyrim VR directory, e.g. into "C:\Users\%USERName%\Documents\Steam\steamapps\common\skyrim\Data".Now start your dream world! In a comfortable position and without someone standing on your chest or looking into your face.(You will not lose weight. ;) ) The gloves and objects can be seen on your view in your hands but they show an three dimensional appearance of their existence and are sometimes blurred when you point and rotate. So you can only rotate them. The smaller versions of the gloves (smaller than the big ones) is to make sure you adjust your head position to avoid reaching some of the objects...There are 12 gloves/gauntlets in total: 7 settings that the momentum can be up, sometimes down, sometimes left or right cause you to magically pick up/drop stuff


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