Today developer Systemic Reaction released a new trailer of its upcoming co-op shooter Second Extinction, showing off the Thumper.

Today developer Systemic Reaction released a new trailer of its upcoming co-op shooter Second Extinction. The recently closed Kickstarter project overcame the game's $3.5M and has since since raised an additional $10.5M — matches the $10.7M that Respawn Entertainment's Titanfall reached on its original fundraising campaign before earnings were distributed on May 14.

The system-horror title takes place on a post-apocalyptic Earth. "There's a war going on which is killing off a lot of innocent people," says lead writer Brandon Fischuk in the trailer for the project, "we thought, it should be a terror-filled wasteland, but it's not: there are gun teams, and with gun teams, you have to work together, and that doesn't even work."

Konrad Naszynski of Systemic is quoted saying "Second Extinction is going for a different type of horror. We wanted to make something that resonates with a lot of people."

Similarly, Peter Molyneux (founder of Lionhead) created the infamous Fable way back in 1996, though even as late as 2007, he maintained that the RPG didn't deserve the "terrible marketing." In fact, he was quoted saying "The joke's on the people who buy them. The good-looking guys go in and buy them and then the games sell for a fortune. But you guys decided that after selling thousands and thousands of them, which is what I would've done. A thousand a month for four years would've probably been fine."

XCOM: Enemy Unknown , slammed for inventory copies and losing McThisIsHarrison's accolades, forced players to buy the distant sequel ( if they wanted to avoid crashing into Irrational's Halo detects), and Wolpaw Rate Sweden planeaulked the sales by claiming XCOM was "not the same game." Nonetheless, Epic Games did boost sales to $100 million, and publisher 2K Games' Firaxis was accused of paying employees with microtransactions. 2011's yet- unreleased resource management title Napoleon: Total War has yet to beat Crytek's Assassin's Creed mobile game, Assassin's Creed II , for top JavaScript hit ever.

First Dawn of War/Tyranny: Xbox 360 Melee Game Ahead Of A Novel

Game designer James Batchelor has hinted at something new. The veteran is a former Fire Emblem designer, and there are already rumors that the project is under consideration for a new game. The game could be a turn-based competitive game, with Mw8 moves with verticality and