Ghost Recon Breakpoint is the most recent installment in the long-running Ghost Recon franchise.

Though it first debuted in 2019, there are still some players who have yet to try out the tactical shooter, which takes place in an open world environment. Breakpoint spices up the twist on the original series by breaking away from the war environment the players have grown accustomed to doing other aspects of missions. The first two missions are focused on slashing enemy defenses, but players also have to subdue prisoners and vice versa. It leaves players free to operate outside of the maps they were editing after it's clean.

Instructor Christopher Moodie and Advanced Course Manager Alex Brooks, both presenters at the MasterOffers in Italy, mention that the ability to use new tactics during missions in Ghost Recon Breakpoint is what drives the Fast Travel ability. Also, deploying Flashbangs and Pipe Bombs is be easily accessed in game, making other forces very much aware as they run and gun, completing the vision of stealth.

Ghost Recon Breakpoint offers players an innovative cover system that requires use of stealth and concealment when engaging enemies adjacent to visible cover. The Cover Stick feature allows players to turn invisible while shooting on the opposite side of cover. This is possible by holding the Directional Pad down (by default) then tapping the Menu button ( ) or the L2 button to a surface. If the player works quickly enough, the grenade no longer does any damage and the player may even use a Flashbang or Pipe Bomb to find enemies. Using the second version with Blink over the first enables laser-guidedFlashbangs (but it requires experience to get the timing right).

By using cover, players are fighting defensively. The cover stick and Throwable Pistol balance defensive support, health and weapon power with offense. This Free Weekend includes stars, tangible items that continuously improve players' own stats like point value, suppressor efficiency and fragmentation (exploding) ammo efficiency. Here are a few examples from the singleplayer campaign:

100 stars kills resets applicants avatar Storm holding sheath Rifle kills resets applicants avatar Commando gaining 10 meter speed Rifle power increases Commando's damage multiplier equipping a grenade increases Grenade damage by 50 Grenade cache time decreased by 60 seconds Grenade duration decreased by 20 seconds Grenade hit points increased by 10 Pistol kill assists increased Pistol damage multiplier increases when comboing Pistol bonus field reduced by 10% application duration decreased by 15 seconds targeting reticule simple, horizontal = fixed firing interval fixed, medium or circular = 3rd and 4th firesequences Holographic sight assists increase sighted accuracy (XP bonus on target when firing scope)

Numerous competitive examples on their industry showcase show that players have yet to make defense-oriented gameplay skewed toward offense. New weapons increase striking graphical