Expanding its range of lightweight and affordable gaming devices, Razer just announced the arrival of your new Razer Naga X mouse, a reversal of its peripheral focused on MMORPG or MOBA players, with no less than 12 programmable buttons located on its internal side.

Specifications Razer Naga X


Razer 5G Advanced Optical Sensor with 18,000 DPI


Twenty configurable Hyperesponse buttons:

·2 clicks

·1 button on the scroll wheel

·1 secondary button on the top

·16 secondary buttons on the left side

Maximum speed

450 IPS

Maximum acceleration

40 G

RGB lighting

Razer Chroma with 16. 8 million possible color settings.

Logitech RGB 5 lighting on the wristrest.

Ports Razer Naga X

3, 2 × USB 2.0

0 × USB-C 3.0

2 × USB 3.0

6-axis sensor : Two- finger button (quicker response)

Weight 10.2 g

MSRP 39 00€

About Razer

Since its establishment on the 6th of December 2000, Razer has become an innovative leader in PC peripherals, collaborating with some of the world's most iconic brands and offering a wide selection of high-quality products with fighting-game inspired design.

Razer Naga X Interface & Synopsis

Razer Naga X is the heir of the Naga display, the first modern gaming mouse that brought black and white gaming to gamers looking for a form factor similar to laptop's. Rivaling HDPens with gaming-grade construction, Razer Naga X features a lightweight structure that offers a comfortable hand feel at all times. It features fully programmable RGB functionality along with a 100% after-sensitivity ROBUST key regulator providing maximum game responsiveness. Its high performance Naga X voice commands, built with IBM, XTAL, and M8452 chip technology, provide another impressive control add-on for players. The Naga X is also backward compatible with the popular Naga Y button, allowing both mice with one physical button. Razer Naga X can connect to your PC via Bluetooth® 4.0 and you can use the phone app or Razer Synapse to transfer mouse input and view profiles in iPad and Android. The app integrated within the Naga X is conveniently designed for multi-tasking. It can be used on any PC, tablet or phone or media player. Razer Naga X inputs are compatible with the following connection methods,


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