January 27, 2021 2 min read

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Access to a database reportedly containing 500 million users’ private information is being sold on a cybercrime forum. Motherboard reports that the database, which hosts data pulled from Facebook more than two years ago, contains people’s phone numbers. No one was available to provide a comment for the story.

The story comes as Facebook and other social networks are under increased scrutiny among police and security organizations as they continue to identify, hack and use payment structures advanced by the companies. The hacking attack on Twitter, orchestrated by the Syrian Electronic Army, said to be working with miscreants from Russia's military elite, is still under investigation.

While Telegram provides a platform for apps to communicate, it has been criticized for strong encryption, versus providing the same level of privacy as WhatsApp. Facebook has decided to not allow Telegram ads to appear in its News Feed as of mid-2017, prompting the company to ask for more privacy. Facebook sources tell Motherboard that Telegram has seen growth against larger competitors WhatsApp that is only available in 60 countries with 5 billion monthly active users, and Apple's Facebook app which has more than 700 million active users per country.

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Telegram did not reply to a request for comment.

The document is reportedly hosted on a Trojanhorse version of WordPress, the most popular web publishing tool used by massive websites and blogs, such as the New York Times, the Guardian, the Telegraph and BBC. Typical postings would be rants, stolen data and personal files such as budget Wifi passwords and snapshots of deleted weed-smoking babies. But Motherboard adds that the list is potentially bigger than the leaks Monday of 138 million e-mails belonging to Brazil's state oil company message service discovered by the group Wikileaks.

The documents are considered so sensitive that the link to facilitate their downloading was unclear until it was removed.

Controversial data allows leakers, hackers and anyone else to quickly and easily publish loot from massive company is deeply troubling, though some may say that's becoming something of a reality.

Story originally published Jan. 27, 2018

BEREA, Ohio - Browns center Alex Mack will practice with the team Tuesday following surgery on multiple body parts he hurt playing football during his friend's wedding in Georgia last month.

Mack left of the field Thursday when his calf and shoulder injured while blocking in a game against Arizona. He set your Twitter packs ablaze collecting tweets blasting the foe for immense coverage of his six hits to the head while wearing a Giants uniform.

That designed hit on a Ryan Mathews fumble on third-and-15 occurred in an instant. Mathews immediately slammed head first into Mack's helmet with force and grabbed the helmet, amid excellent ra