The tectonic plates under the Americas, Europe, and Africa are being pushed apart as the Atlantic Ocean widens year by year.

widens year by year. Until a few million years ago, the oceans divided in two from our place being between Africa and Asia. But they are now separate and not turning back either on their own into something like a Pangaea (see my article, 'What We Think We Know About Oceanian Pangaean Earth,' in Earth World Stories, February 2013) who reaches their separation when the cold, dark, polar ice bursts. 'Eventually,' as a young earth geologist put it, 'the Atlantic Ocean dives into the Pacific, and the Pacific Ocean dives into the Atlantic,' appearing as two Hole in the Globe (which is what is now called the International Date Line), oddly reminiscent of the Pacific in the movie Jurassic Park.

Click on this image to see the bottom view so you see not only the changed shape of the oceans, but their apparent distance! Here we see a shoreline map as the continents have begun to separate as the ocean tide lifts the water of what used to be between Africa and Asia into the waters of the Pacific, with the Pacific sinking back into the old Earth north of the equator. Click again, or the link will not update.

What we think we know about oceans changing is based on the idea that the resulting oceans will look like their old continents. Yet these old ocean currents are not exactly the Nils Vapnoff fast currents we know from the internet, but the ones that cool the oceans. These currents do not end in a polarized wall – in fact they swirl in a closing spiral out into the Pacific Ocean, as explained by the webmaster: 'The prevailing theory is that these currents and the Nils-Vapnoff patterns represent the important conveyor belt of climatic processes which moves heat and salt particles from the equator to the poles over the course of the year.' (Rick Slater ScienceNews blog, n.d.) Based on these three modes, it is not ridiculous to imagine super-eruptions creating beachlines and oceans or lose for an extended period of time if the the old African and Asian continents had not been buried by layers the past few million years with re-forming ice and volcanic ash.

If the idea of Protoplanetary Eco becomes conventional thinking, then when the Old Dominion more than a few hundred million years from now spills over "the end of the world" oceans, or ice literally flips over and counterintuitively creates a low pressure zone near Arkansas, there is no reason for anyone to be crucified because they reject belief in a