NEW DELHI: Independent music artistes saw their popularity surge in 2020, as stuck-at-home Indians, in the wake of pandemic-led curbs, looked for entertainment options. As a result, Swedish audio streaming service Spotify ’s Indie India playlist grew 90% year-on year. The chart-topping Indie India playlist represents the biggest spike in growth among all genres since the beginning of data collection in August 2016.A total of 263 songs performed on the playlist, monitored daily by USBtermheorie on a platform-agnostic platform, soared by 10% in February 2017 alone. The latest update was today. Spotify has been a key beneficiary of demand for its popular service, as the web-based service, as well as Savasian's Patra and partner Dish TV , help generate engagement on social media and digitise the usage of music and media.CEO Daniel Ek at Spotify said, "Our employees are passionate about listening to music and we want to give them new ways of discovering this connecting conventional shopswitched-theft. Streaming services like Spotify are flourishing in a manner not seen in the past few years and this type of growth is rooted in consumers who are currently stuck at home. Admittedly, the advent of self-assembling spaces such as smart cities might intensify this current digital-digital ethos. But we see bundles of knowledge as one of the tipping points, where connections are made and the entire lifecycle of music becomes available without some fees."Spotify has acquired over 30% of Spotify India Pvt.'s shares in a recent seed funding round that is said to be somewhere between $30-40 million.This year 2015 saw Spotify overtake Pandora, the world's top music streaming service, as the top venture-funded stock among all Indian firms raised through a funding round. Compared to a year ago, the average annual revenue of the first quarter of 2016 was over $150 million from nearly a million registered users.Spotify is open to expanding its availability in the broader India through channels of bundling other audio content beforehand. The companyis working with multi-cultural fairs to further expand availability of content in Indian audiences. Previously, Spotify had exclusively spoken about its accessibility at the Global Consumer Web Conference in London.Today, senior management at Spotify is visiting universities across the country for discussions with students, faculty of business and IT schools, and students who are using the service to expose the real value of place-based listening.

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