As if the previous Soulja Boy games console fiasco wasn't enough back in 2018, the American rapper has announced that, once again, he's planning on launching his very own video game console.

As you might recall, Soulja Boy initially attempted to sell rebranded Chinese games consoles running unlicensed ROMs – and then a knock off Game Boy – back in 2018. Rumours of a new console have been circulating the internet ever since. So far, we've not heard much about the new console.

Soulja Boy recently addressed the rumored console during an interview with BuzzFeed columnist for Forbes Michael Moynihan. In the piece, Soulja Boy believes that the gaming console, as well as other ventures he's in the midst of expanding into, will help him "grow."

"We're definitely getting that behind us for my successor, our next one, to take everything along and grow with it," Soulja Boy explained, as quoted by BuzzFeed. "They shouldn't take my money or anything."

So, don't expect to see another Soulja Boy branding the PlayStation Neo in 2017 like he did back in 2018. Instead, you can expect to see that Southern rapper continue his crusade to make money off of his art.

"When you're the king of something, everybody stony look to you. Like from midnight to 6 in the morning, I'm listing that I'm the king of the Xbox, the PlayStation, and I wanna go out and get no hip-hop phone," Donald Dance informs us, strangling the Myspace, Instagram and Twitter accounts, and then explaining that he indeed is planning another platform.

It's doubtful that we won't discover many details about the latest Soulja Boy Gamestar console anytime soon. Just dare us to not get excited about the next Xbox, PlayStation and how the post-punk styled American musician plans to use them to make a buck.

Gotta love a 'eep' sound man


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