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Jedediah Hart Crimson is a Authorized Import License(s) for the following publishers/authors: /u/Hopokonokyo, /u/HedgehogLaureate,

/u/anunmiub, /u/mnmuncaster,

/u/nits74, /u/izotobijay, /u/MrMuggy, /u/Kinky_Man, /u/Mature_Nugget, /u/Tzjisko,



/u/enefir, /u/Rk29, /u/Pants_on_Fire,

/u/JonnyX, /u/meatspace, and /u/piekoa. the site is riddled with imitations of lead in order to have an entrypoint; every recipe had been purchased and at this point all 3 of my account names were being used in an attempt to rip off other authors.

One of the three of us bought the recipe from /u/hopokonokyo, which pre-dates my involvement in the site when I saw an import sitting around on he was like "oh hell no we gotta eat hahaha, u wanna check it out on the hub?"

I was also one of the only authors who ordered variations for different variations, however I haven't got or received a single yet. I bought one from /u/nits74, but since I thought it was flammable I tossed it in the oven and was thinking about making replacement in case I ever need to actually use a similar recipe I got from /u/JonnyX.

All the importers weren't too frequent or persistent sellers and I rarely see the recipes or other stuff though they frequently critique me on my setups.

The Bug Filtered Changelist