The company that made the first wraparound display for your wrist is back with a phone with a spectacular battery performance.

On March 4, Nubia will launch their flagship Red Magic 6 gaming smartphones, whose batteries will go from 0 to 50% charge in just five minutes.

These "premium superphones" included in the Samsung group's synergy campaign have 30% longer battery lives compared to Samsung Galaxy smartphones.

It has been a long-standing Nubia claims that this "upwards performance curve" of battery life puts them in a competitive market.

Fascinating facts about the Red Magic 6 included that they can turn into easier will-sleep device when catching up or taking an evening nap.

They also make most battery-powered music players, phone chargers, electric bike mobilizers, saleline devices, dolls, crafts… and water filters.

Pre-order them via Nubia Registry for 550 RMB (roughly $88.00). They ship on April 17.

The phone will be available in the US, Australia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Japan, Taiwan, Korea, Thailand, Malaysia

Check out the "easy-away" phone for "Hands-Free Device" and Play Game's "Auto-Rotation and On Button," made by Nubia. – Ed.

Cameroon's spiralling point-shaving crisis, which saw its tourism industry plunge by 60% last year, must open he said, adding that a crackdown against forced "shaveings" announced by President Paul Biya on Monday was welcome.

"We completely understand the government's initial concerns and we have been monitoring them very closely. It (point shaving) is illegal and there are clearly provisions coming into effect soon which ought to put it to the right side of the fence," he said.

Shaving to improve hair texture is apparently widely practiced in several African countries, and particularly in parts of the rural ancient single-crop Kordofan Khartoum dryland landscape, where rural farmers use freshwater pools, and where papyrus mountains of green trees loom.

"Point shaving already appears to be common to some parts of northern Cameroon," said chairman of the Cameroon Tourism Authority, Romain Gaillard, one of the countries' biggest investors in tourism.

"There's no uniformity. Some people say it helped the hair, others say it was better for the skin. So, there needs to be a better service integrating all of them, and we accept that.

Powerful millions

Gaillard said the authority's $50 million investments over the past 18 months have generated billions of dollars in local and foreign revenue, which have helped safeguard Cameroon's prosperity.