Summer probably seems like a long way away for many Americans right now, with much of the country grappling with one of the worst winter storms in recent memory.

But time flies. Year after year, Americans travel to foreign countries—even places they will never set foot in again—and given an opportunity, they express themselves while ticking off all of the following concise attributes: champagne, designer ties, contrasting fabrics, and huge dresses. It's the most boring stereotype in the world, and it's true during fashion weeks as well!

In our first poll of the year, we asked Americans to share with us their most memorable fashion moments of the past year in a series of five polls timed with GQ's upcoming Rolling Stone cover story on model Behati Prinsloo. GQ is the first dedicated fashion magazine for women, giving fashion editors the training and tools they need to craft a compelling look.

Chances are, you're here to learn about your favorite Megyn Kelly or The View star as she tries on famous dresses, but we've decided to take a more serious approach.


On Our Favorite Spring Upholstery Trends of the Year

We asked Americans what they thought of the styles they witnessed this past year to prepare for this Fall's J.Crew Red Collection, and the results were disheartening. According to the poll results:

40% Of Americans Called This Trend "A Retired Trend"

According to experts, a classic neutral color gingham is simple to mimic and easy to become a popular retro look. However, this has apparently become synonymous with spring – specifically trendy, slouchy bunching. More than half of all people said this is a retired trend, though the rest agreed that the trend deserved another shot.

Generic And Familiar

Seventy-five percent of people believe that "any old suit looks good in any situation" – even if it's a $2,000 suit made for a Secret Service agent. The classic can be a good way for retailers to stand out from competitors, although many polls show there is still quite a bit of debate about which boring suits deserve another shot around the break.

Worst Fashion Wheel of Fortune

We tasked Americans with buying an item from a historically popular and widely recognized item of clothing. Very few Germans use yellow elephant bear to describe their country's flag. For among Americans, pro soccer player Robbie Keane is the most popular and well-known video game character in 2010.

Sour Strawberries

A majority of Americans said that sour Strawberries were "anachronistic." We ordered these strawberries in a fruit smoothie to