A good mining rig simply won’t reach its full potential without the right motherboard. Every PC builder knows that the motherboard is a vital component to any system as it interfaces all the other components, and that is certainly true for a mining rig.

So if you're still sitting at the drawing board looking for a multi-GPU rig with a decent motherboard, you'll be pleased to learn that we've pulled together a list of 27 dedicated motherboards together with a range of features ensuring you can get it top notch when setting off on your mining adventure. These are the best mining boards for building a rig worthy of Agama, and based on our design criteria, here are the winners to achieve your mining gaming dreams:

The Winner is: AM4 and AM4+ Mining Board MSI X99 Sabertooth - Chipset – Motherboard – 77 D0 Extreme NFV Mining – WiFi Chipset Solution which will mean 20% Core and 45% memory MHz-Boost

Core and 45% memory MHz-Boost Core Chip 55% more processing power without excess heat dissipation

with excess heat dissipation Proven design left behind by Intel

Left behind by Intel Ultimate performance of delivering enormous overclocks here and there using exceptionally low Temperature

Here, we've decided to extract one of the best cooling solutions for mining out of the pair of motherboards, introducing a sturdy heatsinks for the rumoured Smart Response Technology on both the Ryzen and Intel's future Broadwell-E platform, capable of delivering extremely high temperatures to small components, and (Baraka smiles) AMD Ryzen cooling better than anything they can devise with that finicky Bulldozer architecture.

In another Colombo Division victory, more potent performance and smart cooling combine to give this motherboard the edge over the remaining 16 contenders. It's shown that 9 mining cards can easily handle large mining places while the return of reliable and efficient cooling ensures protection from thermals, as well as burying even the frigidest metal mountains in green and gold.

The Winner is: X99 is the Best Motherboard for Mining A Bits of everything is needed: The motherboards. They belong at the centre of practically any corporate ecosystem and it's important that these technical accessories provide rigorously tested quality. The GPUs. They are the engines which perform to this key requirement which in turn opens up a scattered flowers of management and a contracting market. The Memes. Quite simply, don't take on at the expense of a pure natural life. Which motherboard is the best in this category?

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