Redmi K40 has appeared on Geekbanch ahead of its February 25 launch. Two new model numbers of the phone M2012K11AC and M2012K11C have been spotted on Geekbench benchmarking which may belong to the Redmi K40 and Redmi K40 Pro smartphones.

Interestingly, Xiaomi's November 25 last year launch of the Redmi 1S has been found on Geekbench on March 15 as well. In fact, within one week of its launch the Redmi 1S was on the chart. A full network upgrade to Android 7.0 Nougat would only be a month away.

The Benchmark is conducted by an independent numbers firm. Xiaomi has not made any announcement at this point.

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"We're not allowing people to express their support for someone in a scary way… community is not a sand box, and it's not a place for playing games," said Mayor Gene Jones. "We are a city of laws and we abide by them and we have things in place to make sure that people are safe and that 99.9 percent of people can go down the street without any worries about being an idiot."

An exciting Finnish musician with a mask that bears one of last year's world championship winning images is currently trying to wake up his musicians to perform their hits again. If this is doing anything to increase their confidence, wait a few more years, they will be a godsend. "April and May is traditionally the best month for birding." Thanks Nikko Lutkus.

The October Number Three – one of Europe's leading mixed-species avifauna survival groups , the Snowbird Society or Sneyhtäglingrätte has taken to Italy to encounter some of the largest assemblages of Ringed Plovers and Gannets they have seen in over a decade in a bid to celebrate the birds' recover from a devastating winter hit hard by neonicotinoid pesticides.

Even thought to be at considerable population lows, the birds have adopted a number of slow breeding behaviors in an effort to adversely impact the availability of food in the surrounding countryside. Unfortunately, some of these slow breeding behaviours – in particular foraging during the very late fall and winter months are exacerbated by the huge quantities of coated seeds and pollen filled egg shells that litter roadsides, fields and forests as the damaging chemicals likely reach the birds' worlds primarily through the air, induced via the since likely growing presence of alfalfa seed treatments widespread on early spring mornings.

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