The Doom franchise may be getting a female protagonist in time to come.

During a recent Twitch stream, Doom Eternal game director Hugo Martin revealed that he has given “a lot of thought” into introducing a female Doom Slayer, and the impact it would have on the franchise. Martin didn't divulge anything further on the matter, but fans seemed eager to get a chance to learn more.

*Spoiler Alert *

"Folks have been rallying for a female Doom Slayer since 1998" — Vane (@leviathrax) June 8, 2017

Y'all is going to love what Hugo Martin made me do. I found out that Doom is plotting some big bad Doom demons their evil loli Doom Slayer. — Kenneth McAllister (@kenneth2ex) June 8, 2017

"Hell Let us Have a Female Doom Slayer!" — Nicholas Howe (@Duncanhops) June 8, 2017

While Martin couldn't provide any answer as to when they might have a female Doom Slayer, fans are definitely happy to hear the possibility. Most {controversial} of Doom's female characters are weak damsels who barely challenge the male protagonists, simply to fulfill a plot requirement. For instance, plenty of "Boots" games have made the ranger female to fit in with the male hero. With female Doom's dominance over fighting appearances and amorphously anamorphic bikinis, it's reasonable to ask just how the franchise will plan on succumbing to killing off beloved female characters. When asked, Doom Lead Todd Hazel praised the power of women, worrying that this might break the franchise's "genetic code."

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