With all these models on the market, it is not easy to find the perfect smartphone. However, this is a major challenge as these small devices are essential for the smooth running of our daily activities. With a competent camera, excellent camera skills and extensive battery backup and, impressive feature of the full metal curved design, Oppo Find X2 TRAITOR Review provides you with a great experience.

Best Cameras for Mid Frame

Here in this section we will highlight the best smartphone camera models from the mid frame as they can provide you with an excellent camera experience, although there might be a slight knock on these because of the small images you get from these manufacturers. Luckily, based on these devices, you will also not need to worry much about the fast-beeping and bubble-static noise while shooting video.

Ricoh Theta S HD camera is opulent.

House of Sabah took two models of their Theta S camera and pit them using a grass field video experiment between them. The results show that the RICS Theta S will produce better photos than its cousin, the OnePlus 3. So, don't leave the Theta S without a premium experience, but then again, not too premium.

With concern that high sunlight and bright cold weather can greatly affect the camera performance, the RICS Theta S HD Camera is the best option to have at the outdoor shooting. Its abilities are better in this regard of exposure, fill light, highlight and shadow. It also is quite sensitive to white balance and color, image stabilization and low light fight night invasion.

Good LED flash is not necessary for capturing highquality videos. One of the best features of the dual-Eyeguard design is the fluid 2 related HD LED flashes.

Honor 7 RX C800i builds status on low light shooting.

In comparison to the another popular smartphone from Huawei, we primarily adopted the Honor 7 PRO C800i for the low light shooting tests. Whereas, cellular handy is essential for shooting low light-sensitive scenes. The Honor 7 offers 4 ISOs, 8MP wide-angle, 1.3μm pixel size and capturing of both an HD video (in 720p) and still images.

Enter a World of Full HD videos on Nokia 974 this year.

This will help you to use the 4MP sigma camera for great video shooting resulting in some stunning videos. With the Nokia 974 supporting VoLTE and

High-speed NFC NFC hot shoe.

We have tried out various smartphones, and this is your final final verdict on the best smartphone camera of 2017.

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