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NEWPORT BEACH – Newport witnessed Batman's return to Newport Harbor Sunday, just in time for July 4th.

Members of the Newport Harbor Patrol and other law enforcement agencies spotted the Dark Knight of Gotham break the cobweb barrier on the Newport chain.

"Even Batman knows who's the boss," said Trahey, Lieutenant of Ocean City Police Department.

Now other superheroes are stepping up to collect their royalties.

"I'd like to personally award Newport Harbor Patrol a commendation for the work they do in treating our communities each day," said Dixie in a statement, who performed a similar task in Jamaica they believe is part of Batman's latest crime prevention program.

Good morning at 911. We need you here now with super strength. Last night there was an incident on the water. We received calls reporting that three of our boats were involved in a cell phone theft scheme. Off-duty members of the Newport Harbor Patrol were involved in the investigation.

As few as two minutes away from shore, Longshoreman Greg Pucci gathers up all the criminals.

RENEE MONTAGNE: If you see this gardener lock older men up, it's probably because he's cracked up and he needs somebody to do his back yard maintenance or something like that.

GREG PUCCI: It's a real shame, when you look at this, it really flies in the face of not only regular law enforcement, but the court system as well. We're not trained for these cases. Once people catch the attention of the general public, they're just going to stretch our resources.

RENEE MONTAGNE: This is Greg Pucci. He's the head gardener at the Canal Street Home for the Aging Garden at 3901 Central Avenue.

GREG PUCCI: You least, well, you either have to be a guy of means to be able to invest the money to have somebody that is a gardener to go the extra mile and lend you some help.

RENEE MONTAGNE: Last week, Greg was one of six accused of multiple bid rigging when other contracts went unfulfilled. Police seized more than $5,000.

Gardening is a hereditary occupation.

GREG PUCCI: And I've always considered myself a part of the gardener family. I've had parents that have been gardeners today.

RENEE MONTAGNE: Last year, his