DJI has just released its first-ever first-person racing drone, making these devices that little bit more accessible to the broader market. The new DJI FPV Drone works out of the box and costs $1,299 when purchased with the remote control unit and goggles. DJI also announced this week that it has added new features to the drone's HUD (Head Up Display) that will be the first step toward VR.

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What's in the Box?

Normally, GoPro products like the Hero5Black and newest MI are pretty bare bones, but that's par for the course for a unique product like this. In addition, there are some added bonuses like a screen that configures the drone to the items you need done in the flight.

Below you'll find the various specs for the DJI FPV Racer:

To begin my test flight and review, I setup the FPV racer as a Battery Only option in the Goggles. The EVGA card and controller installed into the Naze32 system is all that is needed to launch FPV. Once I pressed the support button and downloaded the FPV compatibility kit on my computer, the unit did a few calibration to ensure we were using the right tools for video editing and file transfer. Once I received my FPV goggles in the mail, I set them up and hooked up the power brick, charging adapter, 2 x quick connectors, and a 3.5mm audio to red line cable.

5. This video demo demonstrates the various drone specs and features:

For the first time in drone manufacturing, DJI is bundling a remote control with the drone for purchase. There are the DJI Goggles that ship under the DJI Wagon- v2.0 and the additional remote control blocks (see ratings below) that ship without the headset. You can see video below that highlights both drones in various flight conditions.

Specs of the DJI Racing FPV Drone

Resolution: 2160×1200 (30 fps)

Packing: waterproof micro-USB cable (6' cca. nominal)

Dimensions: 136 x 107 x 59mm

Weight: 98.8g with batteries

Current flight time: < 1 min.

Video length varies depending on conditions and camera settings - After review

Goggles: GoPro Hero5 Black+ Naze32 Flight Savvyian with 1080p 60P30P

Remote Control Gear: Valgude Gun-1 (4 port) and Garmin FC300 + HDTV Compatibility Kit