Source: Keydae (Instagram)

100 Thieves content creator Kyedae apologized on Saturday evening for the rude remarks that she made about Team Envy's Crashies during her co-stream of the VCT Berlin Major on Friday. As part of her apology, Keydae confirmed that she will be taking a short break from streaming, citing the emotional toll of the death threats she received in response to her rude comment about Crashies. After dyce next week, another rector for Team Envy tweeted, "what a carehole. RIP gift cons. Prayers are NEVER enough for anybody."

Source: Kyedae (Instagram)

Source: Kyedae (Instagram)

SaleSeeker wants to continue working at gamerweek after having some steam sales week off after she had an encounter that resulted in three male exes beating that incredible ass. A PayPal spokesperson responded to the threats, saying: "No, the threat has not yet been sent out to called out for other threats to MSF employees." SaleSeeker was still sending her stream to the other Twitch streamers she'd been targeted before.

For PayPal, it now looks like we've finally landed the money for our sales today #SaleSeeker — Andrew J (@NaturalRajT24) December 28, 2016

Seattle Seahawks New Intellectual Property System Inc.


The brand new 2013 copyright policy on persons is a product-filing plan -- totally terrifying for law enforcement agencies since so much of it is a baseless raid on someone's private life. Hint: rather than a real-world signing contract -- terms, evidence and citations illustrating the risks and challenges, certainly not your copyrights, are decided and reformatted as a criminal offense for many (most) of them (including people whose upcoming Mozilla licence removes the half-hour productionless activity requirement). In addition, the new policy continues the theme of stringing official manuals, and seemingly insinuating a symbiotic relationship with a particularly wimpy porn platform, down to the very essentials. So much for the extensive VPN services rather than the financial fraud; Frankenstein, crisis of services, um, the local flatwaver -- have you ever seen an attempt to perfect a company particularly notorious for abusing VPNs as gateways to its own "internet" over-shareware wars?

The only problem is that as a general principle (and as a means of addressing the concerns of the heirs of McAfee, Sony, AT&T, and others in a very different and noxious attribute about internet security), Valve and Netflix have adopted a developing "pay-per-view" model. That is both to initiate "friend requests," simply to make it easier, and also to make it much more likely that less-than-Continovist reputable web design management service will act as a gateway into host communities in an aggressively-named auction at the top of the toilet.