It looks like Ubisoft's games could be coming back to the Steam platform after several years of being off of it. One such game could be Assassin's Creed Valhalla. Another could be called Assault on Titan.

We get a chance to get a glimpse at Assassin on Titan's designership, with the final version coming out around the end of April. That series takes place at a new game park in Corellia King. Both games were published through FudanMod, the 1990s robotics project.

That game may return to the platform in any version of Assassin. Beyond that, we may not see any trailer for that upcoming back-to-back.

We're not physically in the know of how that process will work out, but our guess is this is not Adam Baird's next game, and maybe that's simply a wish. Before we ask devs and game businesses, remember: don't scan for spoilers in our inbox if you don't know the details of the game on Steam.

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