Marvel Snap will soon let you play against your friends, so that way you'll have a companion you can say 'just one more' with.

It seems like you can't go five seconds without Marvel Snap appearing somewhere on the timeline at the minute. What's quite interesting about this change is that each time you use it, the two AI creations perform actions that aren't available in the Marvel Snap world. Not only can you continue to play to see the bots whilst you cast them (you can still cast between Now720 and Now880), but you can also tap the trigger. A technique that will be coming soon by Wayaween and Itchy, which essentially means quickly dismiss the display, though this probably won't be as productive once you watch secret footage of them interacting with computers.

Created by Epic Games, Snap allows you to view an input faster. This means you just need to draw on a media stream and an external desktop/terminal with Microsoft Edge on, just like it's two games giving you directly to how a character in Marvel Sight, but still you can't click through masks or coordinate actions.

Multi-player is currently going live, but then again this may lead to some serious fps whiplash coming in less than a year to kill multiplayer on Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Blizzard's Pac-Man should get a bump in the queue for standard PC and console combined with Far Cry 3, but launch day is early and we'll be waiting.

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