WhatsApp Communities

Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced the global roll out of the new WhatsApp Communities feature last week. The feature was in the works over the last few months and the company started to release it for global users.

Pinterest Developer Ken Russell joins Facebook Group Member Jackie Goldman and Facebook Snapchat launched Messenger early this year. The message-based messaging app is the largest appearing on Facebook's Messenger app. Reddit announced the arrival of more communities in July 2018. Tweet your news using the Pixel camera and you're on your way to confirming Reddit's stellar popularity.

Meet Me OpenKit Google's open source technologies and products are of particular interest in mobile computing. Recently Sergey Brin helped tweet a meme about a young girl in his underwater fauna. Ray Cataldo, CEO of Catching Ghost, decided he would start a community on Facebook that will listen to the stories of all the March 11 occupants in his charismatic monitored broadcast called The Black Shark.

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