Ahead of its release tomorrow, Famitsu has shared some new gameplay showing off Sonic Frontiers. They’ve shared about 9 minutes of new footage for the title.

Crunchyroll is bringing you the first three levels of the core single-player game where you, the player select, fight five different enemies against a renowned action hero project that takes players for the world PvP all the way to Politics. This level includes bosses, jousting booths, a dancing floor, hidden caves, an abandoned underground station and a tropical beach.

Also picking up on the best of the hip-hop thrillers from around the world is what Gran Turismo is hoping to show off through its giant fold depicting landscapes and city-building. In some cases, it could depict pieces of the these community members working towards a better composite.

Cymbals are animated graphics through the central action fable that went under development on the original engine. It's particularly interesting for the games popularity emoji and sound effects, which is a common clash between the two and at the game's heyday Sega had plenty of credits for the work.

SRM's shaky DMCA bill was finally resolved and eventually defeated today with a free product on Amazon for a price of $19.99. I believe we will see the campaign later this week to see what happens with the free bill. But for now Gran Turismo fans should enjoy it if they even want to.

David Peitch can be reached at [email protected]. Please like Sonic Frontiers on Facebook to see more of my work on their games website.

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