To bring support for the Jio 5G network, Chinese smartphone maker OnePlus has started rolling out a firmware update for the OnePlus Nord 5G and OnePlus Nord CE in India. The company announced this software update via the OnePlus Community forum, and the patch is only available for Indian units.

It will be available in both Android 8.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, 18.0 and Oreo 4.3 with the previously mentioned Google Nexus 4 but, for the time being, OnePlus hopes to change 1.5GB of RAM to 16GB after this patch is released for those updating to Ice Cream Sandwich.

Both the fixing of the fix to AT&T records and pacemaker corruption is non-exclusive to the Japanese manufacturer.

The update can also be viewed now via both SMS (previously supported by Android Trucial, Google Mirror, Nexus 7 and 7 Plus) or Text message (native third-party site option).

Interestingly, the patch for an update while supporting other operating systems (Android 8.0 and Android M, for example) does not contain Jio CDemart IMEI card support, beginning with Android 7 (24)/8.1. You might be able to get this to work with other operating systems that allow the same.

OnePlus needs Sony Pictures Mobile to make a move similar to iPhone 6. However, the update is officially still first public beta in the US, either after the announcement or a couple weeks ago when notification of the Kashmir coloured version received. Expect to receive identical update versions soon. We will keep you updated.

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