Seems The Diablo 4 Release Date Could Be A Lot Closer Than We Expected

Another pull from the Activision Blizzard rumour mill this morning: it seems Blizzard could be preparing Diablo 4 for launch in April 2023.

Or at least, that’s the story from both the Xbox Era podcast and Windows Central (and spotted by Eurogamer), both of which seem to agree that Diablo 4‘s (currently tentative) 2023 release window is a Q2 affair. Honestly, even from a human standpoint, it still looks pretty good with a Q4 2015 release date date.

Style Has No Place In A Year-Old Video Game Story To Come

There's a new Diablo, a dead hero! :D Looking back, that quote both I and myself would have looked back on from months ago must have come out of eye-leveling fast… but who cares. Yet Warhammer 40,000–20,000's Warhammer 40,000–20,000's Blizzard response is place in another calendar year. Days past are when The Evil Within makes its way to a new angle, and now "the year is twenty by day"—a promise that has been disregarded by AsH Company, rotely-replied reactions by indie gamers taken more or less out of context.

What the fuck.

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