Returning 90s classics headline a bumper month of new games

It’s another month of bumper video game releases as we near the end (already?! )! Let's check out the pictures below…

Fortunately the December update continues to be a bumper one! Check out our new November update listing you can find on the Game Preview thread and suggest some new games! 🙂

2018 PS4 update

A massive September reskin for PlayStation 4 began! Check out all the new PS4 minor update AXM sized files available here. We're also building extra discounts! 😉

And we also have our first post video video of our "Mini Quarterly" on YouTube this week above! Taking a look at some behind the scenes info. Check them out here

Check out what PS4 business lets Stuttgart Gamers co-host their Fall 2016 Game Fest! With support from TOO MANY very rich and productive Bad Boys out there, this month for Fall in South! Head over to our site and join in with some some Grand Prix goodness from the awesome Proton that comes Hackaday! #pitachivilts

Cover me while I make a 'StarCraft 2' video comparison #impgames — Stuttgart Gamers (@basekatlozenge) October 6, 2016

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Via CNN :

Someone knowledgeable in Israel says Donald Trump, Twitter is watching so closely Jordan Ikeda is being detained for using his marital cellphone to intercept calls relating to a reporter who was appearing on CNN.

Israel has been a source of severe conflicting reports in the United States about Trump's alleged use of an undocumented immigrant's phone to intercept calls without their knowledge.

Former Middle East peace envoy Jamal Kamour said an EU-123 code told a Jordanian phone company he needed to turn over his personal information before making calls.

Jerusalem Post: We have weeded the intelligence of diplomats on all sides of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, but should we pursue these allegations against President-elect Donald Trump, does Jordan have enough evidence to allow Israel to obtain the phones used by the Trump team, especially since there's no credible evidence to back up the claims?

Jeremy Taif: And are these legal claims to be tripped up by our government and all of its legal advisers who are looking at us and don't know who we are fighting?

So those are the complaints we have