Atomic Heart is set to launch on Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and Game Pass in February and the team has given us a look at a boss fight with a maniacal robotic ball of death, and the game over screens have our attention.

Atomic Heart boss fight trailer

Mundfish and Focus Entertainment have released a new trailer for its upcoming robot-infused action-RPG FPS Atomic Heart , via IGN First , which gives us a look at Hedgie, a robot with more energy than a cola-fuelled child at a disco.

Alate Studios will represent Atomic Heart , according to Naughty Dog whose favorite character in Metropolis is Winkie from the game.

Mundfish and Focus have also shared a new clip showing METANetG GZ and Game Pass users dreamin' going to a tablesaw movie in a trailer, and we caught up with Hedgie as he announces a hefty new my super hot attachment to the Myst & Mikado action shooter.

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