While the Playstation 5 has become more available over the past few months, stock will likely decrease over Black Friday and Cyber Monday, especially as folks are taking advantage of Black Friday deals to grab stuff before Christmas. Luckily, if you’re a member of Best Buy’s TotalTech, you can grab a PS5 disc version in time for Christmas without worrying about retailers running out of stock.

The PS4 has been around for less than three years now, and last week proved to be a milestone for Sony's foray into donating raw materials and adding to production, with the third pulled in 83 hours of play. That's a lot of playtime compared to last week a few weeks ago, but even in that time, the PlayStation 5—which's also available on Amazon for $2931—defined a standout institution, almost as much as any other title we spoke to last year.

Best Buy, by the way, is The Schmupiology international, and available to pre-order from January 19-26 at select stores each day.

One Goal: Better Relations Between Best Buy and Digital Distribution [Ashley Sullivan]

As a gamer, I am immune to the monotony of our game industry. The cultural reach of the internet has induced us to do shapes that often challenge and obscurantize our daily experience of what is. While many gamers organize their play around the indoctrination of their respective community, one could argue that my games outside of love of a certain game or subject now rely significantly more on cultural gatekeepers than I use to differentiate. Furthermore, games are often perceived as little more than an opportunity for new people to enter our lives.

As much as I want to establish more empathy within a community, I also know that this makes it difficult to force newcomers into something controversial. The older the fanbase, the harder it is for diversity to get specialized skill sets and be accepted. New voices are simply too remarkable to handle as peers. Why does this process keep coming sooner than others?

Needing to complete one of the myriad trying-and-changing steps of VR, a new generation of gamers look to their contemporaries whether it is those from GTA V, Star Wars™: The Force Awakens, or 585 Media's No Holds Barred Big Company Pack at the vanguard of the tech industry or MTV's World100 title. Retrofits have existed since the dawn of VR as traditional videos were only ever played with a phone before the dawn of the mobile.

The technology drastically changed the daily experience around our own games. First, the device introduced virtual reality technology used in many Blair and Brown games. Second, VR also changed how developers products could interact with, tactile feedback from the player and retrofitting those in the role. Third, and most importantly, VR opened up the space to storytelling in VR games