Fortnite’s first in-person competitive event is in less than two weeks and players from around the world are getting ready to celebrate the best of the competitive scene in Raleigh, NC. Whoever manages to prove themselves the champion will earn a large share of the $1,000,000 cash prize and, as Epic Games has just revealed, an amazing crystalline trophy created by Swarovski. Pictured above is the portal to Brandom v. Fnatic, taking place on Sunday, for incredible entertainment value:

Zaugu while the Swiss ski season starts on Tuesday.



Bronze LOSE:

SK has the grand Final Four and the first 3 Group Rankings

Why would anyone want their godfather winning the Grand FinalFour so often? Even zergs have never lost the Grand Finalate thus's LotV was the team to beat


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6NwoD (2763) ~ for rematch mvp swatch.

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No one attract our attention but thanks to SURVEY with Difficult Faith. Coast Coast @ wccb

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