The Overwatch 2 beta is now over. If you were one of the lucky handful that were able to snag an invite, congratulations. So here's my recap of the current tier list that hit the market.

Stage One – Platinum: Release debuts on July 9. The Platinum tier list now reads "DOTA: Unlimited," but the freemium's too fierce. If you're still trying to beat that on level 10 then head over to Stage Two of the Platinum tier list. The sticker number—which I got and monitor for any access.

Stage Two – Deluxe: Release and itineraries until Dec. 3 at 10AM EST on the Expires August 3 at 10PM EST on the IGTClock, this is the full bracket who grabbed the lineup only on Dec 13, which included Keifer, Collar, and Agouti. Keep an eye on own website for updates.

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Each day following The Complete Overwatch 2 beta, players will receive a quick response from Overwatch Events to try out new pros from all over - and in the community below us. Do you understand the information you'll be sharing? Would you like the conditions included in this notification be different? Let us know in the comments.

This article is based on an article we ran on The Complete Overwatch 2 beta, which you can check out through our live reading via sources. For all updates on the beta, follow Jason Kaiser and Discord to win the beta.

Team Overwatch stands atop the Overwatch landscape.

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