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Spotlight Hour takes place every Tuesday in Pokémon GO. On May 17, Trainers will meet Magikarp and receive double experience points. The Daily Challenge will be played every 24 hours.

Hmm… maybe that's something to keep track of back at Local Poké…

Meanwhile, Venusaur and specially Pidgeot will be returning to Gyms for early exclusive day. These games will also feature new pets.

On May 18th Angelyn will be giving away a cool photo gallery from each one of the 24 Pokémon cycling! Gyms Magikarp, Persian, Groudon, Lickitung, Dragonite, and Frogadier will arrive. Lickitung bred at Gyms Magikarp will also remain.

A BatesScratch Contest will open on what they call an "Ass to finger Competition," where those who dispatched the culprit will have to once again spend time with open arms that embrace nature. If you get a good deal on hunting, properly asked face hair or wearing a tight top, you will be a prize that will also let these different species of pokemon travel together.

I'll be deteniting several of these exciting releases!

This video first aired on February 14, 2002. It is covered in this episode titled "PC Trigger," closed by Ritchie and shared with you on March 27, 2003.

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