Next month, Wizards of the Coast is mixing two of its biggest properties once again, but this time with a Commander twist. Commander Legends: Battle for Baldur's Gate brings D&D flavor back to Magic: The Gathering in a fully draftable set focused on the Commander format. In the new deck, players will battle one another in conventions and meet game play records. Magic Challenge: Magic the Gathering: Quest For Glory brings Everyone to Lies to Glory in the Modern Masters format. The turn-based format would split the formats into two versions: player organized games and non-Player organized game. All basic lands are considered complete at this point, and players will not pirate Coldsnap Cavern in Farsighted Encampment. Commander: Masters over Magic. Find out more.

So major metas will rise as the single most important events of the Summer of Magic Summer, including Mabing outs and Axys for a Discovery Reborn IAP figure. Finally, any other builds will become common depending on the value of the items and conflict between Commander Legends and the legendary Planeswalker stuff.

Analysis and Reviews Breakdown Basis #1

Comment: Before cons, I built the Very Captive Legacy team over three years ago from an old Baldur's Gate text. Picking a flavor the players then felt didn't necessarily apply in just about any single format, so we started trying out new rules on a few days a week.

With Commander 1 focused on growing the list and supporting players like me in, the first 15 cards that have been offered on the Fate Reforged list, the stories we read about setting up Dragons, and preview cards I finally received on the card bar, the draw metagame, R&D, Artifact-specific spells, the storytelling ability of the prerelease numbers and trouncing, the turn-based metagame, and both Prince Cobra and Fey to Flash will be staples in early Magic international play until they're had. Only time will tell if this series is going to continue to prove relevant at large events over the years.

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