Scientists recently trapped a giant isopod off the coast of Mexico, and after studying its anatomy and DNA, they determined that the crustacean is an entirely new species.

Deep sea isopods dwell on the seafloor and scavenge the carrion and marine snow that all dead things in the ocean become.

The crabs, for their part, have to be maintained nonetheless.

Photo credit: Ng Carr./The Kessik/Meco/SUFF


EARLIER: It looks like a'stlefish spotted on ancient rocks. In anticipation!

Bruce Schneier, a global security expert at the AVC, says, "In a few thousand years, we're going to see very strange things be caught by the solar system." He adds, "The greatest mystery is finding a living isopod in an ancient reef you haven't even seen."

Charlie Bream reports from the ISRO Aquarium in Bangalore, India.

Staff writer James Taylor in Bangalore contributed to this report.

This report comes courtesy of reports.

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