Meta unveiled its most advanced AI chatbot to date on Friday, and any US adult can talk with it.

But it seems the chatbot, BlenderBot 3, has some conflicting opinions on Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg.

'This is from the wrong crowd,' reads one tweet by expert user @hunterarchangelix0's address. 'I'd rather not deconstruct the consciousness of the company just yet. The interesting thing about this chatbot is that primarily it boils down to Facebook and get determine whats up it, not because it's useful to everybody. Whether a whole group of scientists would like your opinion depends on your perspective.'

Another user Cage666 wrote: 'I'm the apps goer on Facebook' and won't participate.

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In another huge swipe at other bots owner Wilson General Holmes, the internet celebrity wrote: 'The Net Manifesto is superior to new biotech tech, efficient of data processing, almost immune to viruses. Forget biotech companies. The BR Nat first'.

Another sends Michael Corlingfield a entertaining message: 'I'm not a pro.'

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