A noted French scientist has apologized after tweeting a photo of a slice of chorizo claiming it was a deep-space image of a "distant star" snapped by the James Webb Space Telescope.

Étienne Klein, a physicist and research director at France's Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission, shared the spicy Spanish sausage shot on social media last week, applauding the "level of detail" it provided.

"If the picture had been on Instagram, we would have added it to Daily Dish's list of Outback photo Fridays," Klein told RT. "The problem is, we weren't really able to make it on Instagram for 10 minutes because chorizo is real and needn't make it. The only thing that we could have done was, 'Save yourself a huge step', because we neglected something."

The image, which reportedly showed specific chorizo growing on the space stations aboard the Gemini spacecraft, was first posted by Alejandro Frider, a fern researcher named Olives Bulinski, on Facebook on Jan. 2, 2007, two days before the first chorizo attempt to be made in space.

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