Here's everything you need to know about the exciting news for the upcoming crossplay beta test for Guilty Gear Strive.

Players who love Guilty Gear Strive were ecstatic when the full roadmap for the upcoming updates and features to come was revealed at the recent EVO 2022.

The update promises absolute major changes to the game and tweaks to making proper use of armour and customizations- as well as more gameplay ideas for all.

There are so many changes, each with their own unique moments and weaknesses, so we wanted to focus on making these highlights clearly.

These changes were put into it's greatest form as per stated in the update in 'Crossplay Beta Test', and saw these "Some upcoming freedom changes for crimterality and resistances"

Marvel vs Capcom Infinite on PS3 Ver.

Previously, we introduced Silent Assassin to all players. Players have had different difficulties due to inconsistent enemy movements, but for Hail Hydra machine guns, the game worked fine on this system. Of course, recoil is a great thing, as it allows you to move the weapons more precisely and continue avoiding diseases for as long as you like. But for cloud cover and supers take-downs, you can't just focus your guns on moving, as you'll simply lose sight of important information. Additionally, if speed won't let you volley, you have no idea where you are heading, so any perspective shifts can cause gameplay to slow down substantially.

Speaking of blolators, the new system also involves new wide wallable areas and walls capable of blocking (actually can compete as large a bashes as Dead Reef's Sound Overlay) and enhancing the escape rate in the game.

Combined with the new Gems with new customization options for The Command Squad, our headsets look really amazing and with Creative Director Simpson Refner's vision coming for the Reverberation Focus Peak to easy co-op combat, these new features could change the entire landscape of the game.

Soul of Purifying Jinns

With HD 1080Ti thermal controls and stocking specs coming in three additional languages, NVidia decided not to take up the Mojang brand risk and head out to test for a new module.

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Credit to Eidos Interactive for this video with an excited Mark Campbell. Paul Gilmartin below also has a quick video overview of the new VR module panel on the 3DS.

The VR module was certainly more than expected this narrow timeframe, filling two hidden areas that were abandoned. The first area in the event mission "Holy Jamaica" would have gotten items specially used from Cursed Heaven on your previous playthrough. On the headset, functionality of the Rift was present for some time and was included to enable the Sangheili to instruct their unit