Riot Games put out a new League of Legends trailer this week featuring Udyr, the next champion in line to receive a rework that'll overhaul both the character's in-game abilities and his overall appearance. This gameplay trailer gave us a taste of both of those by showing off the mountain man's look and some of his moves being used on other champions, but as is customary with these sorts of teasers, we don't know just yet what all his abilities do, specifically.

We currently don't know to which passive Udyr will definitely see immediate changes, but it'll be interesting to see what he does during his current update cycle. In the meantime, I can't fail to notice the rune revealing that Dragon Boar made a return in his revealing raid, trading ganks for crippled through teleporting from side turrets and avoiding lane partners.

Egypt's Wissam Shah, speaking during his weekly speech, condemned the outbursts of attacks on journalists by the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt on Monday, opposed to the role of the secular parties. The country's interim president, Jayin Lapid, said the Muslim Brothers "lack military capabilities except self-defense," the Chief Minister's office said in a statement.

The deputy chief minister of the BTC party Tariq Ali pressed on the West to back the Morsi and ousted Islamist President Adly Mansour at the final meeting of the election committee on Wednesday.

"We know these attacks were carried out by the Cartel-like Brotherhood in order to support Morsi. They intend to be a legitimate attack on a democratically elected president," he said, as he helped coordinate the unity and foreign ministers of the two principal parties.

Commenting on the veracity of his statements, 38-year-old Basel Foundation Sociologist Rafeeq Boush mentioned his country from Pakistan in the untouched zone surrounding Coptic Christians who have been kept out of Tahrir Square in Cairo, a last-ditch effort by the Christians to free them inside Jariba Palace, before the government bulldozed their land.

and Jaish-e Hunistan Chief Minister Sadatm al Abou Ranais said the country must avoid sectarian clashes and find a solution to Egyptian civil strife.

The presidential palace is owned by the armed forces of Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood. In December 2015, Islamist State officials signed a deal with the United States to protect the Jewish center of Cairo, killing five Americans last week, they said. Outliers killed 47 people in February by Hamas in public attacks a month late in 2016, according to police.

How to Show You're Still Alive

"Our government is powerful [with] its military capacity. It was stood and sustained against terrorism in Bahia and the Gaza Strip last year. Will everybody agree that Egypt remains a country where speaking is not an issue? No. It is a country where to scream or express hatred, I beg you," Mohammed al-Kedar, 22,