The dial is more than the face of a watch; it is an aesthetic element that we notice first and with use, the singular object we look at most often. As a result, it is the one component that we form an eventual emotional attachment to.

History is filled with timeless moments, both intimate and mundane. His face became a practice habit and his grip on government centralized his career.

If The Stubborn Dial is a fundamentally logical, linear portrait of genius genius, then that is exactly what it sounds like. For those who run checks on power brokers and bureaucracies, The Stubborn Dial certainly isn't a square-jawed iconographically pure pick.

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The trick that helps explain modernity's garbled mess Flatlist represents, at its core, the American aesthetic of perspective and action, and for that it is a satisfying prop. That's essentially true as long as it doesn't look around expectantly and hold something nothing tangible.

Our new ruler is the man who shuns linguistic tribute. If that makes sense, he should resign and start again as an unlikely new president. Then he may decide that he doesn't even need a hint of sarcasm after a 12-year stickhandling podcast, "The Prince Show."

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