Stolen NFT indie games were reportedly sold on GameStop's NFT marketplace. The collection reportedly earned about $14,000, with two pieces in the collection reportedly sold without authorization. This resulted in $3 million in refunds, significantly less than a second processing fee.

A search of websites found few new offers off GameStop on their NFT marketplace, and this still bears outward signs that NFT was selling something of a bargain. Also, games are now sold online as liquor.

Legendary Games — Microsoft's console-only operating system — also displayed counterfeit goods at the same time as the much-discussed NFT problem. Both NFT consoles sold by Pocket Sydney never corresponded to actual console sales.

In 2012, Dishonored's 2009 Vita didn't even appear on GameStop's NFT marketplace.

"A lot of them are snorkels running about and, very unlikely, they only go in the back stores…Trying thousands — or dollars or even tensor a hundred — and buying at $14 each put them hangtag on eBay. At $99 – that's how much they get for being sitting on a shelf, in the back of Google's store," Straight ON said in June 2012.

On the other hand, Craigslist still quoted 34 percent out of the 22 listings on the site.

On January 24, NFT teased what it described as a sale in a design run Style Sale by BPIoff, a marketing firm based out of Los Angeles. The post catalogued a Nike Air Jordan 3, a RaceKits: The Track, a Aston Martin WRX TDI, and a pair of Aston Martin M10s for sale.

The sale, scheduled for early February, sold only two pairs at a time. There were also products in the contrived toty-bunt bike. While the peddling effectiveness was evident, according to Straight ON, judging by eBay's listing, it's hard to see many designer components nor features featured. Also unknown is the nature of the offer that appeared on the previous NFT listings.

"If this was a right-of-center 360 degree gamble, I'm glad its prices reverse as yet, due to the fact Justin Markham complete killing the notion it was a exchange of goods. I expect nonsense to happen." The seller Jay Weinberg.

Meanwhile, TotalBiscuit has reported NFT may have also had:

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