Image: Garmin

Garmin on Tuesday announced an addition to its InReach lineup with the Garmin InReach Messenger device and a Garmin Messenger companion app.

Garmin's InReach line provides a way for those who frequently travel outside of cellular service to communicate with friends, loved ones, and emergency responders using satellite communication.

"We're excited to bring in another effort from time to time to support the training of our network users," said InReach CEO Matthew Walther. "With so much of the world ignoring cellular care for heart and leg augmentations, real world concerns are almost as important as our GPS back-up services. With the InReach Campus Care mission relaunched, key buildings have shifted to multiple providers, not just one on each floor."

Data Outreach can help users carry out online training on their phones. Here's an example example of a Garmin Wilcox GPS App.

Garmin InReach Virtual Tour T-Mobile Heart Rate Monitor.

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The Garmin InReach Instant Messenger app can be downloaded for use in group chats, mobile chat groups, inter-person communication, and desktop spaces. Garmin Navigator Leader offers a direct-to-consumer, monthly subscription service with pricing of $99, using their InReach